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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tool # 11 Self Assessing and reflecting

Finally the training is over. There were several tools that I liked from this assignment, like SKYPE commix, word cloud generators, web cam, Google docs etc. The most program that we will use to the orchestra class are SKYPE, Finale writing music program, smart music as well as web search.

I think that we need to use more technology to incorporate to my lesson with all the classes.
I know that I cannot possibly attempt everything that I have learned through this training but I will have to take little steps. We still have to play instruments in our classroom and less computers and electronic devices because of our specifics of the orchestra class.
Each year I feel that I am getting a bit more comfortable with technology.

I am totally amazed at the wealth of information that is available to teachers!  I had no idea there were so many different tools out there.  The problem for me will be trying to find the time to look through these sites at length and find what will work for me in my classroom.  Teachers have so many responsibilities already I just don't know how I will be able to add too much more to my orchestra class.  

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  1. i love your voki! i'll have to take some time to read through all your great ideas about these 11 tools, i'm only on 7