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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tool # 2

  1. Visit at least 5 blogs of fellow educators and comment to one of their posts - other teachers on your campus who are also blogging as part of the 11 Tools, a few of the resources listed above or fellow educators who might teach the same content as you (by "googling" your content area + the word blog)! You'd be amazed at the number of educators out there who are sharing their ideas and classroom experiences! Or, Visit 3 blogs and expand your PLN differently by signing up for a Diigo account or Google Reader and following the bookmarks/websites of 2 other Diigo members or websites.
  2. After completing the above, share you thoughts about building and participating in an online community and participating in a PLN. What points stood out to you from the commenting advice? Were you able to apply any of the advice in your comments? How did you feel about sharing your thoughts publicly? Was it different than when you're sharing your successes/challenges with your teammate?
  3. Share the url or name of a website or social network that you plan to visit in the future. What does that site have to offer?
I'm excited that other orchestra diretors, teachers and I are able to collaborate through our blogs. We are working and making our cross-curricular planning so much easier. I feel like the networking within my own and other campus will be interesting!

I like the idea of asking questions or soliciting comments to increase the number of comments on your blog. I would like to hear some of your ideas on how to encourage students to make unique comments without parroting comments that have already been made.

I actually prefer sharing ideas through a digital medium for our music selection and repertor as well as instrumentat technical development.

Advanced orchestra
2. Warm up
3. Region etude
4. Music selection

 String Orchestra Bartok

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