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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tool #6 Using the Web Tools to Promote Discussion in and out of the Classroom

For your Tool #6 Post:

  1. Choose at least two of the tools from the above list. Create an account for each (if required) .
  2. Use each of the tools you choose to create a sample of how you would use it in your classroom.
  3. Embed the sample (preferred) or link to the URL.
  4. Share your thoughts on how you see the tools being integrated into your classroom. How do you see them encouraging participation?
I am using SKYPE program on line with students to exchange and share the information regarding their performances during the class with other orchestras in Spring Branch schools.  Students love to perform live on SKYPE and accept the judging coments from students and orchestra director of the other schooI. I also like that I can embed a video performance straight to my blog and students can be able to see it.
I already use Blogger to post questions or project guidelines. Students use Google Docs to answer the questions then share the document with me, so that I can grade and comment on their responses.

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